Monday, August 3, 2009

Does anyone know where I can get light up shoes in men's sizes?

Ya know, those shoes that little kids have that are super cool. Yea, those. I've looked at Wal Mart and Target and places like that and they didn't have them. Does anyone know of any special places that might have them?

Does anyone know where I can get light up shoes in men's sizes?
Check with Clown Colleges. They might have them in the student store.
Reply:why would you want light up shoes... they are NOT cool... i am a shoe specialist and i would def make fun of anyone that wears light up shoes
Reply:lol thats funny
Reply:why? trying to live up the inner child?
Reply:Don't get discouraged, I've TOTALLY seen them for larger sizes! Almost bought them, too :P

I think they were at wal-mart but that was like last year.

I would try and also try key word searching in google or yahoo search.
Reply:i don't think they make those for older ppl...


Other dept manager's giving orders/special requests?

I am currently 26 wks pregnant and I gave my doc's note to my boss regarding heavy lifting (nothing over 10lbs)...However, other dept managers come give me orders (as if they are my boss) and my boss sometimes hears it but just ignores it. Its putting lots of stress on me. I don't want to go and ask for every little thing, I don't want them to think that I am being a baby, but its getting too much...

BTW-since getting pregnant and announcing my pregnancy to my boss at 9 wks she never made any special arrangements nor had she scheduled a meeting to go over things and I am going on maternity in two months! I don't want to be stuck recruiting and finding my own replacement and training in the last minute but I also don't want to bug her for every little thing.

New employees are being hired without letting me know what their responsible for and they are starting to give me orders as well and she says nothing

All of this is getting very stressful to me.

What would you do in my shoes

Other dept manager's giving orders/special requests?
pregnancy is a huge thing and you have every right to bug her about every little thing because it is for the safety and well being of yourself and your baby. as her if the 2 of you can meet to discuss things and let her know everything.


Help! I'm going out somewhere special this weekend?

As a 20th birthday treat, my boyfriend is taking me out somewhere special this weekend .. but he won't tell me where. All I know is that he bought me a dress %26amp; heels to wear on the night .. so I assume it's somewhere formal! Since I have the dress %26amp; shoes, I just need hair tips. I'm doing my hair myself, so I want something simple. I love vintage hairstyles, like those in THE NOTEBOOK and HAIRSPRAY .. but I have no idea how to go about creating them, which ones are simple etc .. Please help. I want to look nothing short of amazing this weekend! Thanks in advance!

Help! I'm going out somewhere special this weekend?
I don't know what kind of dress you have, or how long your hair is. But here are a few links that tell you how to do vintage hair styles, although I do not know how hard it would be to do them yourself:

Have Fun!
Reply:just look on the internet

C++ Function

How do you take stuff into or out of your house when you have a "no shoes in the house" rule?

How do those of you who follow a "no shoes in the house" rule get stuff out to your car when you have several bags of items to take somewhere and how do get stuff into the house when you have several bags of items that need to go into the house, even into different rooms of the house?

Do you have a table or a counter or a shelf which is close to your door where you can place all of the items that you need to bring into the house before you take off your shoes, or which you can also use to place all of the items that you may need to take out of the house with you before you put your shoes on?

Are you able to keep that place close to the entrance cleared off quickly and continually so that it will always be available for the special purpose of taking stuff in and out of the house?

What would you do if you were in a hurry to go somewhere and you just put your shoes on to go outside but you just realized that something important that you need to take with you is not by the door?

How do you take stuff into or out of your house when you have a "no shoes in the house" rule?
I guess people who always have this rule would use a pair of slippers or flipflops.

I don't have a rule like this, I always go barefoot indoors or outdoors, but when it's very wet or snowy and I have to walk up and down a few times, then I put the bags just inside the door, walk up and down, then wipe my feet properly and carry them further in to whatever room they need to go. Or, before I started barefooting, I'd do almost the same thing. I worked in a horse barn for a long time so I often had dirty boots, I'd also put all my stuff right inside the door, then take off my boots and carry it further in. I've never had a no-shoe rule, but I did take off my dirty work boots at the door. But even then I wasn't too strict (and often enough in a hurry, since I'm not a morning person, LOL!). I've had to run back in for something I forgot quite often... that's what the vacuum cleaner is for. As an outdoor person I carry sand, dirt, straw, hay, animal hair, leaves etc in on my shirt, jeans, coat, and sometimes in my hair anyhow, big deal.
Reply:Who made this" no shoes in the House" rule ? Because if you dont agree with the importance of not tracking this unwanted dirt,germs,etc. in the will always be an impossible task . If on the other you are of the mind to preserve the standard of your home and do not want shoes it it you will find a way to accomplish your task and really wont be put out by it, having the attitude that it is more of a lifestyle than a rule.
Reply:leave a pair of those rubber summer shoes at the door. I am all for not wearing shoes into the house. The chemicals from the outside world, dirt, fecal matter, etc. you ican introduce into your home by not removing your shoes. you also prevent your indoor pets from getting ill, as, cats lick their paws.
Reply:I have new balance model 575 with velcro straps. I hate that rule don't you? So stupid. Also get flip flops for quick trips in/out.
Reply:I have shoes that I can take off without having to untie and retie them. When you come in the house you just kick off your shoes with your foot and then you can carry anything you need to.
Reply:You carry everything inside the house by the door then switch shoes and bring everything to it's place.
Reply:A pair of slip on/off shoes by the door will solve the problem. I also keep a tote bag on a hook near the door for gathering things that need to go out. The slip on shoes can be kept in the bag, as well.


How do I get my daughter's shoes clean?

She has white canvas shoes (like Keds) that are getting pretty dirty. I've heard I can wash them in the washing machine - is there anything special I need to do?

How do I get my daughter's shoes clean?
they do wash well in the washer, but make sure you wipe off all the dirt and or grass first. I would suggest adding old towels/rags to the washer to make sure they don't bump around too much and get scratched. And let them air dry!

You can also use a rag and or old toothbrush with some moistened baking soda and scrub them good!
Reply:either get some wightening washing powder or you could just get some bleach on a bit of toilet tissue and wipe it and dab that got the dirt of my trainers
Reply:Yes, wash them, but do not put in dryer- bad for dryer %26amp; will shrink- it may work with pillows though-just don`t let them get too dry-damp might keep them from shrinking
Reply:Spray a little Shout on them and wash them . Best advice I can give is don't put them in the dryer if you can avoid it.
Reply:yes you can wash them in the washing machine with just a little bit of bleach, not alot cause it will turn them yellow, and maybe some shout or spray n wash but Oxy clean is a good one too. and then you can put them in the dryer on low tumble or on a vent. good luck
Reply:just put those bad boys in some hot water and bleach!
Reply:take the laces out but toss them in the machine too with the shoes with like colors, (whites)....add regular detergent and add bleach to get them really white...and wash like normal. You can throw them in the dryer too...I always do, it has never hurt anything.

in fact it a great time to wash pillows with it...because when they are in the dryer...the shoes will dry with them...and in turn, beat the pillows and fluff them up nice and fluffy.
Reply:Before washing them in the machine, pull the laces out and replace them with a fresh pair, or hand wash them. When I was a teen, we'd wash them in the machine and then use white shoe polish over the canvas.
Reply:Several people gave good advice for washing in the machine. You can dry them in the dryer, too. First stuff them with clean dry socks.... Do not over dry.!!!!!
Reply:Nothing special, just toss them in......i would let them air dry though. If there are a lot of dirt or stains, you might want to spray with a pretreatment like Spray n Wash.
Reply:im only 17 but im a cheerleader and my coach is always nagging us to keep our shoes clean...and the best way i think is to scrub em with toilet cleaner (gel kind) or with toothpaste.


Best paint to design on clothes and shoes?

Fabric paint coagulates and is hard to apply on the hairy surface of a shirt.

What other paint can be used?

For shoes I have tried oiled markers (the one with toxins), the paint falls off. I applied an finished and or a varnish to the paint and it has not worked, or blurred out the paint to a gray color.

What do I do?

I have also tired to print on computer fabric paint, the one you just iron on, and it has also pealed off. Should I buy a much more expensive one or take it to an special place?

Please help.

Best paint to design on clothes and shoes?
Best paint for fabric is from the well known and trusted company Pebeo. It's called SETACOLOR. Here's a link:
Reply:Fabric paint - use a coat of textile medium on the fabric first and then mix 1 part textile medium into 3 parts of fabric paint and apply this as your 2nd coat once the first coat has dried.
Reply:Acrylic paint is wonderful for clothes, that's what I use for my colorguard shirts I design. because it doesn't come off in the washing machine. I'm not sure how reliable fabric paint is, though, but I think it's expensive... acrylic paint is cheap if you get it in little bottles.



My Dog Chewed my brand new shoes? I am so Upset ,what should I do??

Ok, I bought a nice pair of dress shoes from DSW last night and this morning I did not pay attention for a moment and my dog chewed the heel of one pair. I mean it looks really bad , it is not dyeable i can't fix it on my own

I am really upset, I can't afford buying a new pair and I have a special occasion on this Saturday..

what should I do guys?

My Dog Chewed my brand new shoes? I am so Upset ,what should I do??
put it dwn to experience and in future hide them from your dog
Reply:Don't touch the dog.....Do not hit the dog.... do not scold the dog...Sounds like you have a sad doggie or a young puppy who isn't played with enough....

You dog has NO way to knowing how much any of your stuff costs.or it's expense..Your dog does NOT have human reasoning...

.Keep ONLY your dog toys down in a cute plastic ..Keep all of YOUR stuff put away..Dogs dont settle down until they are over 2 years of age...

Doyou take your dog for a long everyday.....Do you play with your doggie everyday.......
Reply:Wear something else. Not much else you can do. Just chalk that up to another life lesson learned.
Reply:There's nothing you really can do...But buy a cheaper pair...So that way if the dog chews them up again you won't be as mad...Or you could just put them up...

Good Luck
Reply:Have you tried fabric paint...or something from a hobby say that they can not be dyed ??? or that you can't fix it on your own, and that you can't afford to buy a new pair, so what else is left....borrow a pair from someone....or don't you have another pair that you can fix up???? why did you leave them out for the dog to get ???? Have you considered a shoemaker...they still do have them, look in the phone book...I'm sorry if none of this helps, I've tried to think of everything that I can....well good luck, and I hope something works out !!!!!!!!
Reply:Hit your dog with the shoe.
Reply:Take it to a shoe repair shop and see if they can replace the heel.
Reply:Go to the shoe repair shop and find out how much and if they can repair or replace one or both heels. I had two brand new pairs of heels that our puppy chewed because of my daughter leaving my shut bedroom door open. I thought these were a lost cause, and I had spent far to much on them to begin with. The shoe repair man used a special putty and dyed them back to the original color. I couldn't believe the shoes when I got them back. You couldn't see the difference. Call around and see if any of the places can repair your shoes like that. Some repair shops cannot do it.
Reply:get your dog a rawhide...keep your shoes off the floor...ya kinda got to catch him in the act in order for him to learn not to do it....if you can catch him, just tell him NO!
Reply:you must have a puppy and well to be honest that is just a puppy thing the only thing you can do is keep and eye on him and make sure you always have a chew toy out and if you ever see him doing that pop him one and give him the chew toy
Reply:keep the shoes in the closet, and the dog out of the closet
Reply:borrow someone else's shoes? go to goodwill or salvation army? Its just shoes. your dog will be there for you forever.
Reply:its just a fashion emergency. im sure uve had one of those before right? ull survive.

also for revenge you should bite your dog's paw.
Reply:Been there. If the shoes are leather you can trim off what is torn with cuticle scissors as close as possible. Then take craft paint the closest to the color you can get. You can also use a spray finish to seal it. If they are fabric then you can take a mixture of glue and water and paint it on to lay down the threads then fill in with markers. With out seeing them. Thats all I can suggest.

Make sure you don't give your dog toys that look like shoes or balled up socks. They don't know the difference betwen yours and theirs.

Hope this helps.
Reply:skin your dog and make some shoes out of it.
Reply:Sue the dog for damages.
Reply:wrap both heals with duct tape that matches the color of the heal
Reply:you JUST BOGUHT THEM! take the reciept n go exchange them!
Reply:this is what dogs do especially pit bulls the only thing you can do {which is what i do} is always remember to put up anything of value most definately IMMEDIATLY! you have to chalk your shoes as loss this time, and i bet you will never let that happen again. i am terribly sorry for your loss i have been there too many times personally, and getting them from DSW i know they were smokin' hot at a reasonable price.
Reply:take it to get fixed and from now on keep your shoes somewhere that your dog cant possibly get them
Reply:Is the dog a puppy? He's probably teething or he's bored. Go buy him toys give him a different toy each day, and make sure you catch him in the act, scream No! Or bang some pans and then quickly turn away. you turn away so the dog will be afraid of the noise instead of being afraid of you.