Friday, July 31, 2009

How to remove chewing gum from shoes?

Anyone has anyway to remove chewing gum totally and effectively from shoes' soles when one step on it? Any special chemicals needed?

How to remove chewing gum from shoes?
WD-40 works fantastic. It will take it all off quickly.
Reply:freeze it in the freezer or with an ice cube, it will come right off.
Reply:I've heard of peanut butter, ( what a yucky mess, but it breaks it down) and, ice (makes the gum hard, and you chip it off)
Reply:Rub the gum with an ice cube until it "freezes" and then peel it off.


Use Goo-Gone
Reply:Look at this product it works really well.
Reply:Put it in the freezer and allow the gum to freeze. Remove the frozen gum with a butter knife edge. If any residue is left, use any oil based product from your kitchen like mayo, peanut butter, butter, and or oil to rub the residue off, wipe clean!

peanut butter

these two get gum out of hair as well
Reply:no - stick them in a plastic bag and then in the freezer the gum will freeze and you can just chip it off

sounds gross so dont forget the plastic bag!
Reply:Put the shoe in the freezer. Once the gum hardens (in a couple of hours) then peel it off the shoe.

Just make sure to put the shoe in a plastic bag so it soesn't stink up the food.
Reply:Put the shoe in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Once the gum is frozen it will pop off.

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